Links and resources about the pygmy hippo

For those interested in learning more about the conservation efforts dedicated to protecting the pygmy hippo, we have compiled a list of websites with hyperlinks and brief descriptions. These resources provide valuable information on the status, threats, and ongoing initiatives aimed at safeguarding this unique species in Sierra Leone and beyond. From organizations actively involved in on-the-ground conservation projects to renowned wildlife foundations and educational platforms, these websites offer insights into research, community engagement, anti-poaching measures, and more. Explore the links below to delve into the world of pygmy hippo conservation and discover how dedicated individuals and organizations are working tirelessly to ensure the survival of this fascinating creature.

Sierra Leone Conservation Society: The Sierra Leone Conservation Society is actively involved in pygmy hippo conservation in Sierra Leone. Their website provides information on their conservation projects, research initiatives, and community engagement efforts aimed at protecting the pygmy hippo and its habitat.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN): The IUCN is a global organization dedicated to the conservation of nature and biodiversity. Their website offers comprehensive information on the status, threats, and conservation measures for the pygmy hippo, including reports, publications, and updates on ongoing conservation efforts.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF): WWF, a renowned conservation organization, focuses on the protection of endangered species and their habitats. Their website features articles, news, and resources related to pygmy hippo conservation, highlighting WWF's initiatives and collaborations in Sierra Leone and other regions where the species is found.

Save the Pygmy Hippo: Save the Pygmy Hippo is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and supporting conservation efforts for the pygmy hippo worldwide. Their website provides information about the species, its conservation status, and ways to contribute to their conservation through donations and advocacy.

The Pygmy Hippo Foundation: The Pygmy Hippo Foundation focuses on research, education, and conservation initiatives for pygmy hippos. Their website offers insights into their projects, partnerships, and efforts to protect pygmy hippos in Sierra Leone and other range countries.

National Geographic - Pygmy Hippo: National Geographic provides an informative webpage dedicated to the pygmy hippo, featuring articles, photos, and videos that shed light on the species, its behavior, and the conservation challenges it faces.

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF): The African Wildlife Foundation works to protect Africa's unique wildlife and ecosystems. Their website includes information on pygmy hippo conservation efforts in Sierra Leone, such as habitat preservation, community-based initiatives, and anti-poaching measures.

Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute: The National Zoo's website offers valuable information about pygmy hippos, including their conservation status, habitat, and the zoo's efforts to study and conserve the species. It also provides updates on research and conservation projects related to pygmy hippos.

International Pygmy Hippo Foundation: The International Pygmy Hippo Foundation focuses on conservation, research, and public awareness campaigns for pygmy hippos. Their website offers resources, updates, and ways to get involved in supporting pygmy hippo conservation efforts.

Sierra Leone Environment Protection Agency (EPA): The Sierra Leone EPA plays a crucial role in environmental protection and conservation. Their website provides information on government initiatives, policies, and regulations related to pygmy hippo conservation in Sierra Leone.